This is the future web site of Eitan Erell, Master Silversmith from Israel.

Here you will find a detailed catalog of Mr. Erell's jewelry, judaica, designs and drawings. You can also come here to read Mr. Erell's original poems in Hebrew.

In the coming weeks and months we will be expanding the catalog and adding more items for you to admire or to purchase to adorn your home or yourself.

We hope that you enjoy your visit and that you come back again to see what has been added.

All of the items exhibited on these pages are unique, handmade creations. To inquire about commissioning new, original pieces please just send us an email.








the picture above is of Windows of Jerusalem. (click on the text to enlarge)

the picture above is of a yad or Torah pointer. It is made of Sterling Silver plated in part with 24K gold and rock crystal. (click on the text to enlarge)

the picture above is of a model of a Hanukiya entitled Flames of Victory. (click on the text to enlarge)