Original paintings and prints by Yitzchak Ben Yehuda

Born in Egypt, Yitzchak Ben Yehuda is an eclectic and well traveled painter and poet, whose distinctive style succeeds in expressing the most subtle of symbolic detail along with strikinly evocative visual and narrative elements. He paints in his studion at his home in Moshav Meor Modi'im, in the center of Israel, where he also painted the synagogue and Aron Kodesh. Mr. Ben Yehuda's paintings betray a deep emotional sensitivity, yet still manage to touch upon allegorical and mystical topics.

The twelve pieces on display below are available as limited edition giclée prints, signed by the artist. They measure roughly 80 X 55 cm. Some of the original paintings, from which the prints were made are still available for sale, interested parties should contact Redemption Media to enquire. Yitzchak Ben Yehuda also makes original, hand painted Ketubot for Jewish weddings. Some examples can be seen here.

Prints of the paintings shown below cost $250 each. Special pricing is available on orders of 12 or more, any combination.
Click on a picture to see it enlarged.


depicts Moses ascending Mt. Sinai

images of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach

the tomb of the Matriarch Rachel in Bethlehem

The Oak
pilgrims meet beneath an ancient tree

The Tablets
Moses brings the tablets of the Covenant


divine grace pours down upon Jerusalem at dawn

a mystical meditation on the power of prayer


the Holy of Holies, source of divine inspiration

divine grace pours down upon Jerusalem at dusk

a mother lights Shabbat lamps for each member of her family

Jacob's Dream
intricate, mystical representation of Jacob's ladder

loving portrait of the holy city framed by jewels and flowers


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